worldwide teaching

In my opinion every country, every nation, every culture can learn from each other. We all know that nobody is perfect and that different perspectives very often increase ones knowledge and adds a lot to life experience.

So far I can say that experiencing many different cultures helped me a lot in developing my own character and gaining a thought about what ‘really matters’.

I firmly belief that bringing intercultural knowledge into the classroom helps students of all ages (especially on college and university level since they understand the importance more easily) in developing their personality further.

Furthermore I think that I, as someone who comes for a designated time to a college / university, can bring a different teaching approach and new level of motivation to most of your students. 

While many countries might look similar at first there are quite often immense differences in the detail whereas cultures that seem quite different at first do find huge benefits when learning from each other.

If you are willing to add international & intercultural knowledge to your team, feel free to contact me at any time. I am always happy getting to know new and interesting people all around the world.

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